Friends for Friends is another aiding strategy by Vepsian Society, developed to not only to provide material help but rather to tear the Vepsians away from their isolation from other Finno-Ugrian peoples sharing the languague and the maentality.  


Regular contacts with Finns that are related to Vepsians as well as with Russian, Estonian and other scientists and helpers, who show respect for Vepsian culture and language are very important when we consider the tragic facts of the Vepsian history. On the other side the Center of Vepsian culture situated in the city of Petrozavodsk (capital of Carelia) is too far away to expose any influence or support for Vepsians' everyday life. That's why we are carrying out since 1996 a program for elevation of the self-dignity of the Vepsian minority.


Not unhonest undertakers, who come with a bottle of vodka in one hand and an axe in the other to cut down our taiga forests and laugh at the honest Vepsian way but our real friends arriving to listen to the rich tongue of our minority culture are making Vepsian's eyes glow.


As a result of our activity many humanity- minded people come all over the world to find their Vepsian pals. Many individuals and societies interested in the past and present of our ancient tribe are among them as well. There were hundreds of family partners, personal friends and school relationships organized during the past years. Some of them are present on this page:


A Finnish society making its annual friendship trip to Vepsia


In every household there is a lot of used things no longer needed. Why not to bring them along?

Different countries, lifestyles, clothes..


But the Finno-Ugric mentality is the same.

In the school of Hedvist study only some few Vepsian children. Few, but not forgotten!

During charity actions byTarmo Rinne (Finland) and Vepsian Society

Long truck or small car, the same principle: VS pays  goods, fuel and costs - Finnish volunteers drive vehicles

Lorry of VS with goods from Jyväskylä (Finland) for Veps village of Kaleig in Carelia

Despite of  frost  Finnish volunteer (in the back-

ground) stopped his car to look at a Vepsian carriage in the village of Arskaht'