Joint humanitarian trailer trip by Vepsian Society and our foreign partners to the Southern and Middle Vepsia 

Starting point - the village of  Maigar
("Beaver lake") in the Southern Vepsia

5 tons of clothes and food products distributed here. Lacking cars people came to pick up the gifts with their horses

The remote village of Bushag 
is situated far away from the road - so we called there beforehand  from Maigar and people gathered to wait for our arrival on the road

The village of
("Burned place") is to see in the background - 3 tons



The tiny village of  
 ("Gulf") has few older families only. Still we stopped in front of every house as you can see here waiting for its hostess Anna, who was away fetching her tee water from the river

The last point of our destination in the Southern Vepsia - the downmost village of
 ("Bog lake") whose dwellers have until now preserved their ancient Fenno-Ugric fencing style. 

There was a traditional sportsman fishing on the  round lake ice as we came.

(12 tons of aid unloaded also for needs of the village of Vaagar
"White lake")


The Settlement of
 ("Thick lake") is a modern bigger center place, where Vepsian from three deserted villages dwell now in their flats.

About 30 families and the local school were donated some 7 tons of humanitarian goods including school and copy books, houshold items, clothers and shoes, equipment for older and handicapped people and of course plenty of nutrition products and vitamins

The village of 
("Dense forest settlement")  in the Middle Vepsia, some 6 tons of food, remedies, books, school equipmnet and clothes were given to the local authorities (village council in the picture) to be distributed among community population

The community of
 ("Great lake") in the Middle Vepsia (Ojat valley) is quite isolated from other groups of Vepsians. Such a huge truck was never seen here before - shyly stood the first visitors not believing their eyes.

The rest of the goods was left here - about 8 tons

A young girl from Enarv
wearing humanitarian items